Olaplex No. 3 - Protector - builds and repairs broken hair bonds while increasing elasticity and restores hair to its natural texture and state. It is a concentrated hair treatment which will do all this as well as increase your hairs natural shine! With bond-building technology, your heat damaged bonds will re link and restore your healthy hair. Olaplex #3 is made for all hair types and will repair from within. 


How to:

  • Use 1x per week (2-3x for damaged hair)
  • Apply generously to towel dried hair from the roots (scalp) to the ends till your hair is fully saturated
  • Leave Olaplex on for 10 minutes minimum
  • Proceed with your normal Shampoo and conditioning routine

It is the #1 selling product in the Olaplex Range!


Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfecter #3 100 ml

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